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Muscle Activation

Who Would Benefit From Muscle System Care?

  • Anyone who wants to move and feel better
  • Individuals who can’t get past old injuries and are frustrated
  • Athletes who have attempted to get past pain and tightness, but are still dealing with nagging issues

How Are We Different?

We look at the body as a whole unit, a system, not as individual parts because, when we move, it is a total body experience (head (brain) to toe).  Most of the time, the area of pain or tightness is a symptom of a muscular dysfunction somewhere else in the body.  In order to create a custom, long-term solution, we utilize our knowledge of anatomy, physiology and physics, along with the following to explore all potential options:

  • Your medical and activity history, including all past injuries and medical diagnoses
  • Your repetitive motions at work, at play or at home
  • Where you have pain/discomfort
  • Mobility issues
  • Medications and nutrition

How We Can Help?

Our goal is to provide a long-term solution for your issues. We do not use a “cookie cutter” approach to pain. Instead we utilize an assessment process, unique to a Muscular System Specialist (MMSTM), along with historical information gathered, to systematically identify areas with suboptimal mobility and control (compensation patterns). This information will help identify where your system may not be functioning at its best. From there each session will focus on using strategic methods for improving areas in your system with low-quality control and continual assessment of your system. Of course your active participation is necessary in the process!

So if you are experiencing lingering pain or mobility issues, even if you have tried to deal with it through other means, give us a call. We are muscle system specialists who want to create solutions for you.

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